Discos Oldies has been one of the mythical temples of musical culture in Valencia for more than 43 years.

Carmen, Pepe, Isabel and Vicente began to populate this vinyl store in 1978, and ever since they have compiled some great musical relics. It is undoubtely a place where the love for buying a physical record is still alive.

Now, as the oldest active record store in Spain, the management has been transferred, seeking a generational change to prevent its closure due to retirement. Mario, Chema, Pere and Andreu are now running Discos Oldies every day. Their passion for music and the romanticism behind the physical has led them to immerse themselves in the exciting project of taking charge of this iconic shop in the city’s musical scene.

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This record store continues to maintain its essence, still smelling to vinyl, books and magazines. One of its foundations is to support and serve as a point of sale for independent music, both local and national. But, in addition, it is also a meeting point for the Valencian music scene and where many more cultural activities take place on a regular basis.