Pols is an independent artistic space that was born in October 2019 in the Nou Molés neighborhood.

With the exception of the opening exhibition, in which a group showcase was held, the space has a curatorial line promoting ‘solo” shows. It is an exhibition format through which they accompany the artists in their artistic processes and with which they present the pieces made specifically for Pols.

Néstor García and Empar Polanco are the two alma maters of the artistic space. Some of the main ideas that have been established as a guide for the program are: the haptic, the practices of collection, recovery and recomposition from ecological analysis, feminism and class analysis or the material continuum that goes from the biological to the synthetic.

Pols aims to welcome and provide means to the emerging creation of València. As well as establishing a dialogue with the national and international scene, favoring the meeting with students and teachers from academic institutions linked to the world of art such as the Faculty of Fine Arts of Valencia and the Master of Artistic Production of the UPV.