When you enter Anyora you travel to a place that transmits home, that essence of an old house in which it smells of stew, the passage of time stops and the after-meals lengthen slowly.

In this winery we can find handmade materials such as baked clay flooring and glazed clay tiles. The decoration is also made up of recovered elements such as doors, wooden planks or aromatic plants, esparto grass, ñoras, garlic… that hang from the upper part of the bar. Laura Losada (El Chiringuito) in charge of Anyora’s interior design comments, “they remind us that we have nature in the Valencia Region with countless aromatic plants and all kinds of vegetables…a nod to that land that we must respect and care for”.

The typography, the work of Estudio Merienda, has been constructed with references to traditional Valencian shop signs, as well as the characteristic green color present in the logo and in the premises.