A David Chipperfield building facing the sea? A David Chipperfield building facing the sea! The project, dated from 2005, jointly with Fermín Vázquez, is a synthesis of contemporary architecture, a symbol of a València with greater marine ambition.

In the context of the America’s Cup sailing competition, the construction of the Veles e Vents had a wow effect. A seal with which to demarcate the vocation of the city to gain affinity with the sea, by normalizing its character as a maritime city. Chipperfield, together with Vázquez, took the opportunity to build a complex that soaks up the breeze from the basement to the top floor, but also seeks to materialize capital references: the purism of Le Corbusier, the purity of Van der Rohe, the forms of Wright.

Its use has varied from a balcony overlooking the sea to a block for leisure, gastronomy and culture. It has also recently incorporated an audiovisual TVset, a space for the creation of content for València World Design Capital 2022.