One of those places where you are sure to enjoy a good coffee. With a corner outside the Russafa market, they have now also become part of the Arrancapins neighbourhood.

In both spaces, Elixir Café maintains that care for the product with a 100% Arabica coffee, seasonal, hand-picked and fair trade with the coffee grower. In addition, in the Arrancapins cafeteria you can enjoy the coffee quietly inside the premises or on its terrace, unlike the Russafa space, which is exclusively take away.

The interior design of the cafeteria, designed by the owners themselves, transmits that tropical, warm and fun air typical of the coffee’s origin areas. Bright colors are predominant, as well as wood, thus moving away from the Nordic and minimalist design, more common (as a general rule) in specialty coffees.

One of the most striking elements of its spaces is the hand-painted mural by the Valencian artist Ana Lloret. In this appear representative elements of the countries of origin of coffee. These same symbols are part of their coffee packaging, based on the original illustration by Colombian artist Mafe Maldonado and adapted by illustrator Lea Chave.