The studio/publisher is located in the premises of Gandía 1. A place conceived as a collaborative project between the Kavalyo architecture collective – authors of the ground floor reform project -, the Tuica studio and Handshake.

The design studio has a small store open to the public where you can find: projects from local publishers, projects imported from self-publishing fairs in Europe and Latin America, and, of course, publications edited by Handshake.


Handshake® Studio is the result of the collaboration between designers Jaime Sebastián and Rubén Montesinos. One of the focuses of the design studio is printed material, designing and executing publications. For this reason, with Handshake Books they have created a platform for the publication of books and for dissemination, through events, exhibitions and talks. They also collaborate with photographers, designers, and artists to create experimental projects that focus on research and explore contemporary publishing practices.