Suggested by CTAV – Architects of Valencia. – The project, combining research facilities, is based on three premises. First, the vertical stratification of the complex in three parts: an open semi-basement for parking, a three-storey plinth for the institutes and glass cubes for the spaces provided for management and administration. Second, a horizontal segregation in the plinth with bands for heavy laboratories, common laboratories and technical offices. Finally, through the separation of circulation flows between the staff who access any floor, the visitors who climb the glass cubes from the common areas and through the plinth roof.

The complex is presented as a large three-storey volume, clad in wood panels, criss-crossed by longitudinal and transverse voids that allow indirect light to enter and are reflected on the outside by the perforations in the panels that enclose them. It is a large container capable of hosting various programs with a forceful and unified image that refers to the technological innovation that is intended to be developed.