Corner apartment building on an irregularly shaped plot. It is located in a recently renovated environment next to the tram tracks, in front of a residential complex of protected buildings of three heights. 

The Almenar building is the first multi-family building by Tonet Sunyer i Vives, after his beginnings as an interior designer and later designer of single-family houses. It has two vertical communication cores and a total of nine floors including the ground floor. The top floor and the attic floor are set back from the façades, recovering the south alignment with a crowning slab, covering the attics with blue glazed tiles. The distribution of the houses is organized from an orthogonal geometry to the planes of each façade that are not perpendicular, resolving the meeting of both directions with the location of service parts. The houses are zoned neatly in parallel bands. A great typological diversity is proposed, reaching the project of some duplex dwellings. The facades are flat with punctual projections, like the viewpoints over the entire height of the body of houses arranged on the corner and on the west facade, and like the isolated balconies that stand out in the homogeneity of the south facade. With a very functional language, this front is based on an exposed concrete structure with aluminum panel shelves and exterior shutters with adjustable slats. The west façade, on the other hand, has a more opaque treatment.