A unique project created around a very calm square, full of life, in the heart of Benimaclet. Javier Undiano and the illustrator Julio Antonio Blasco -Sr.López- decided that this was the best place to fulfill their dream of opening a bookstore specialized in illustration that, at the same time, would serve as a gallery to exhibit some of the most vibrant works.

Now with Mr. López at the helm, Estudio 64 symbolizes two moments of the city very well:

1. The fervor for illustration, the creation of a critical mass large enough to believe in its spatialization.

2. The desire of a young generation willing to continue believing in bookstores… despite everything.

It is born from the performance of Lola Blasco and themselves, decorating the space based on their most personal tastes until they have turned it into a small hiding place full of good advice, looking for the color that covers good stories.

Like the one that happened to them when they opened, in 2014. They asked for citizen help so that whoever wanted to collaborate by painting had the doors open. Estefanía Arribas, a Benimaclet neighbour from Valladolid, approached to become an improvised painting and, immediately afterwards, she became one of her best clients.