La Batisfera is a bookstore cafeteria. Two hemispheres in the same space: a cafeteria with a wide variety of beers, wines and a menu where vegetarian and vegan dishes coexist with cheese boards or seafood dishes, and an international bookstore where you can find new and second-hand copies.

This space named after a submarine is a good place to immerse oneself in reading books in different languages accompanied by a good coffee. A corner to disconnect and isolate yourself from the daily noise, while taking advantage of the cultural programming and enjoy a craft beer, a wine or a delicious cuttlefish from Cabanyal.

Lorenzo and Ricardo, two of the owners of Ubik, transferred the spirit of this bookstore café located in Russafa (L’Eixample) to the Cabanyal neighbourhood.

But they’re not the ones being part of La Batisfera, the on-board team is also made up of Carlo (architect who has done the local project); Santiago (Franco-Argentine with experience in bookstores such as Shakespeare & co in Paris, Notanpuan in Buenos Aires or Atlantis Books in Santorini); Corey (American and founder of the Books Thug Nation in New York or Desperate Literature in Madrid) and Mireia (bookseller and cultural agitator who worked for six years at La Central de Callao).

La Batisfera is a space to experience culture, enjoy the neighborhood and relax with the company of literature and a great atmosphere.