Fulanito and Menganita are Sergio Mendoza and Sandra García landing in the Eixample like those foreigners who arrive to a new place and still don’t have a name.

A couple of foreigners who arrived in the neighborhood five months ago to reopen a flower shop. Although, for them, it is the umbrella under which anything that has to do with flowers and nature is included. Almost to the garden they have in Alboraia where they grow their own vegetables and some plants.

A neighborhood shop with a slow pace, in which that sober, timeless, almost brutalist style that El Observatorio, El Astrónomo and El Almacén de Patraix (also projects by Sergio) also have.


Sandra and Sergio are designers and apply their DNA to all phases of the project. Both have been developing very different projects for years: product design (lamps and bike stands), interior design, decoration for weddings and even ceramics or photography.

As Sergio Mendonza recounts, “Sandra knows how to drive trucks and weld and I know how to make ceviches and pancakes. The Floristería de Fulanito y Menganita is a meeting point between the two, the place where we get together to do things that we like in parallel to our personal projects.”