Nave 3 a warehouse in the Valencia Parque Central a is a valuable example of the Valencian railway heritage. It dates from 1917 and is attributed to Demetrio Ribes, one of the most important Valencian architects of the early 20th century and Valencian modernism.

Recently, this warehouse has been rehabilitated and the project has been directed by MªDolores Contell and Juan Miguel Martínez from the Contell-Martínez Arquitectos studio. The rehabilitation project has aimed to provide the space with a cultural facility.

With the intervention, different spaces have been created to host various activities simultaneously and, in addition, the industrial character of the warehouse has also been reinforced. The main multipurpose space allows the development of different scenic configurations, as well as the organization of exhibitions and activities. On the upper level there is a multipurpose room that enriches the transition from the access space to the main space.


Attached to the wall, there is a perimeter piece of furniture through which the necessary facilities run to provide service to the complex. This container deforms and breaks down into mobile wall fragments to serve as a support for the exhibitions.

The refurbishment project has received different recognitions: an outstanding mention by the jury in the Valencia Province Architecture Show 2017-2018-2019 of the Valencia Territorial College of Architects, it has been selected in the 62nd Edition of the FAD Awards for Architecture and Urbanism, and has also been selected in the VIII Edition of the ENOR Architecture Awards that highlight works built in Spain and Portugal in the last three years.