This department store is one more chainlink of buildings that these same architects have produced in other Spanish capitals, originally designed for Galerías Preciados. In them, they resort to a large container defined by its secrecy, by a rigorous structural order, the strategic location of the escalators, elevators and services, and the floor warehouses next to the dividing walls, in order to favor optimal use of the sales space. in its diaphanous plants. The facades are mainly resolved through horizontal strips of aluminum profiles and light panels of acid-etched green safety glass, which run along its entire perimeter and give it an abstract presence.

Two bands of aluminum profiles are configured as an entrance canopy and a roof finish, where the commercial signs are integrated. Technical elegance and confidence in the artificial control of the environment constitute two references of the commitment to technology and modernity of its authors, well transmitted in our city with its powerful and innovative image.