'La Guerra Comienza Aquí', mural ESCIF

The urban artist ESCIF together with the Centre Delàs d’Estudis per la Pau have made this mural located in the Campanar neighborhood possible, positioning themselves against war and all that it entails.

Vindication and denunciation in the form of urban art in Valencia. This is what the artist ESCIF and the Centre Delàs d’ Estudis per la Pau set out to show in one of their latest works in the city, specifically on an entire wall of a five-storey building located on Avenida de Campanar, next to the old La Fe Hospital.

He did it coinciding with the start of the war in Ukraine, with a brilliant declaration of intent, denouncing the economic interests that hide behind armed conflicts. A burning 100-euro note at the bottom of the artistic intervention, followed by a large smoke with four words scattered around the entire mural: ‘The war begins here’. You can say higher, but not clearer.