Entry suggested by CTAV – Architects of Valencia – Located at the end of the green belt that forms the old riverbed, Cabecera Park is conceived as part of the project that will unify the natural arm of the Turia with the artificial one, and its vocation is to restore the original character and backbone of the river. The water, the undisputed protagonist, emerges in the form of a weir and runs at different levels along the two main routes of the park: the Paseo del Molí del Sol and the Ribera path, located one on each side of the lake.

The topography, which determines different levels of the land, creates different environments from which the different views of the park are enhanced. The mountain (viewpoint 15 m high) is the support of the open-air auditorium and allows a magnificent panoramic view with the lake as a backdrop. It has a key location, since it serves as a hinge between the river gardens and the Cabecera park, and from its viewpoint, we can contemplate the magnificent views of both the park and its surroundings.