Behind Plou Estudi we find Elena López Lanzarote (aka @unamesa), a painting and ceramics professional. With this project she materializes the idea that she had had around her for a long time of having a space where she could work with ceramics, and that would also be an exhibition center for different disciplines and artists.

The location is not by chance, Calle Corona concentrates a lot of art in a few square metres: the Tot en Art Fine Arts store, the Falla Corona, the Beneficència Museum… and now, a space to the delight of ceramic lovers.

At Plou Estudi, Elena dedicates her mornings to her own production (for commissions and the store). In her creations she mixes the traditional with the contemporary through traditional artistic techniques and processes. In the afternoons she teaches courses and, throughout the day, anyone can buy her pieces in the store. In addition, on weekends she conducts workshops and exhibition openings, which change every two months.