A new restaurant concept lands in the city of Valencia after having achieved great success in different parts of the globe. Its Japanese inspiration and its specialty coffee come together in a space where minimalism plays a fundamental role in the staging.

It was in 2017 when -after several trips to Japan- the brothers Alexandre, Carlos and Luis Fertonani decided to get down to work and create a cafeteria in Brazil that would combine some of the most characteristic elements of this Japanese destination: quality, perfection, minimalism and optimization of space.

This is how in 2018 The Coffee materialized, which translates into a foodtech that is constantly evolving, optimizing and growing. In just three years of operation, they can already boast of having cafeterias throughout Brazil and in different parts of the world such as Portugal, France, Colombia and -of course- Spain, this being their third location in our country, after Madrid and Barcelona.

“The Coffee was born to revolutionize the coffee shop market. In addition to excellence in coffee, establishing as principles some pillars such as design, architecture and technology, characteristics that are taken to all stores”, they indicate from the brand itself.

“”Our first store in Valencia sought to reinforce our minimalist and technological essence, combined with the urban environment of a leading metropolis in culture and architecture,” they add. The perfect stop for both locals and tourists in the form of coffee, muffins or brownies.

The Coffee Valencia