Architecture and design studio, El Departamento, has created the interior design of this space as a neo-carwash transferred to retail.

Alberto Eltini (Architect) and Marina Martín (Creative Director) are the people from El Departamento behind this project. A sleepy space in which its small dimensions have been taken full advantage of and three clearly differentiated areas have been created, just as they say.

These three zones are divided into: washing, spin and drying zone. In the laundry area there are pyramidal shelves where shoes are displayed. The part dedicated to centrifugation is at the epicenter of the premises: the Pompeii bar, dominated by a round bar where, instead of cocktails, you can find different models of the brand. Finally, drying, the quietest corner where velvet reigns.

Pompeii_Valencia_Jorge_Peiro_3 copia
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The Pompeii store is also inspired by the context of the city of Valencia. With those green and earthy tones reminiscent of the Valencian orchard or the blue of the velvets that evokes the Mediterranean.