Mapa del Disseny covers the month through four products that tell us about essence, landscape, territory and contemporaneity.

Write down where you can get them…

The Cremaet

In El Almacén de Patraix (Calle Jerónimo Muñoz, 15 València) It is a drink with an old flavour, common in long after-dinner meals. Sergio Mendoza and Joan Esmorzaret have bottled it to serve, from the Patraix pantry, a drink made of coffee, sugar, lemon and rum which design takes us back to the essence of Valencian people and their most intimate habits.

The Colibol

In Ana Illueca Ceramics (Calle Rodrigo de Pertegás, 42, València) Inspired by the most eternal landscape of Valencia: its garden, so often forgotten, so many times remembered. As if it was born from the field itself, this ceramic production made in Ana Illueca’s workshop combines food, tradition and well-being. It forces you to look at the cabbage like a bowl. The design that comes out of the garden.


In Original CV (Plaça del Mercat, 35 & Joaquín Sorolla Station, València). So that bags full of soul hang from the arm. Created by the Castellonese brand Azuarabags, with the particularity that – like all of us – none is like the other. Each one reinterprets the reality of our environment from the difference. With designs made of natural cotton by hand. More than a simple totebag.

Gràffica Magazine

In Poppyns (Isabel la Catòlica Street, 21, València) Gràffica is a major player in revealing design. Headquartered at Plaça de l’Ajuntament, it has evolved through its paper magazine. A niche target with thematic magazines that represent a collective guide to the role of design for our society. Poppyns is one of the places to find it and make time fly.

Valencia products you can buy in April
Valencia products you can buy in April
Valencia products you can buy in April
Valencia products you can buy in April