In 1995, Gabi Fariza and Maite Miralles opened the doors of what would be the first room dedicated exclusively to puppet theater for the first time.

At that time, surely without knowing it, they created a place of reference for children who, over time, still fondly and nostalgically remember the characters that now coexist among the shelves and corridors of the theater, turning it into a Museum of Crafts.

Captivated by the fishing village of Cabanyal, with its history and customs, they saw in this house the perfect opportunity to make their theater a special place. Gabi and Maite were not only pioneers in creating this type of theater, they also founded their own company, they produced the puppets and their programming is still fundamentally theirs with the responsibility and freedom that this entails.

The magic of this space attracts the public not only through its characters, its facade draws the attention of those who pass by. A mirror of the neighborhood with its characteristic tiles where the sea that lives right in front is reflected. The square where it is located has seen the different stages of the neighborhood go by, which for a long period was on the verge of disappearing and which is now experiencing a progressive and much-desired resurrection, trying to maintain its origins.