At Ubik you can enjoy a good coffee or a Valencian craft beer, buy a book or attend cultural events such as exhibitions, concerts, book presentations or film screenings.

A space that has that vintage and bohemian flair according to the rhythm of the neighborhood that surrounds it and in which it has become “the place” for both tourists and locals alike.

The vintage and ‘second-hand’ style is conveyed by the shelves made from recycled wood and filled with books, as well as its decoration with recycled objects or furniture. An eclectic and recovered furniture from different sources to give it a second life: from old school tables to typical wooden chairs of the bar of all life. On the walls of Ubik we also find murals painted by urban artists.

Ubik puerta

All these elements make this café-bookstore a picturesque place with a lot of personality, generating a perfect atmosphere to inspire, create and spend a pleasant time around a good table.