Chocolate makers.

Paco Llopis and Juana Rosa’s love for chocolate materializes in this store, an ode to the passion that this sweet awakens. The name of the space comes from that utopia of creating the best and most surprising chocolates ever made.

Utopia becomes a reality in the small workshop they have in the back of the store. Here they make the chocolates in a completely traditional way, with the best selected cocoa and wrapped with the utmost care. With the ‘bean to bar’ tablets, they capture that gastronomic background through a careful selection of excellent quality Central American cocoa beans.

The tribute to cocoa is also shown on the packaging of the tablets. Juana Rojas’ training in Fine Arts translates into the style and elegance with which she designs the wrappers, especially the ‘bean to bear’ range already mentioned.

Utopick 4
Utopick 5