An irruption into the bowels of the Palau de Les Arts, like entering the belly of the whale to sit placidly to taste the rock-filled kitchen of Pablo Minister. A work by JanfriDesign and GGlab, with the decisive participation of the artist Manolo García.

On the ground floor of the Palau de Les Arts, under the cantilever generated by the lobby of the Teatro de la Ópera theater and with views of the City of Arts and Sciences, the restaurant of the Gourmet group led by chef Pablo Ministro is the result of the collaboration with JanfriDesign studio and Gglab. The interior space is organized around a microarchitecture that dominates and articulates the room. It is a structure-sculpture made of strips of wood, with a double function: on the one hand, it repeats the experience of exterior space, concluding a sequence of cascading spaces, and creates a spatial continuity between interior and exterior. On the other hand, it improves the acoustics of the room and creates a focus of attraction that can be seen from the outside. The wooden structure has been made both with digital design and manufacturing techniques, by gglab, and with traditional carpentry techniques by the fallero artisan Manolo García.