Cuadernos Rubio store is the brand’s first and only physical store. València has been home to the company for more than 60 years.

A flagship of more than 200 square meters at the heart of Valencia. The space is designed so that both children and adults can enjoy the product in a tangible way.

The store pays tribute to the history of the brand and embodies the essence of the Rubio universe. It is also a space where lettering workshops and playful activities are held for children.

Cuadernos Rubio
Cuadernos Rubio
Cuadernos Rubio

Masquespacio Studio has been in charge of the interior design. Thanks to their work, when you enter the premises you immerse yourself in a childhood dream that we carry inside. The store is made up of mosaic floors and walls that represent the blank page of notebooks. In addition, each of the sections show some of the subjects (mathematics, calligraphy and language) with interactive elements.

From the first moment you step inside the space, you will find playful and interactive activities that the youth and older people can enjoy.

A journey into the nostalgia of childhood summers. A return to the past, to that summer time in which calligraphy notebooks were an element of the classic and long Spanish summer. Long hours by the pool, sand castles, bike rides, Tour de France and, of course, one hour a day to enjoy Rubio “booklet”.

Cuadernos Rubio flasgship is a place to see, touch and experience.