El Almacén de Patraix is a store with unique products, carefully selected.

Given the confinement situation and all the subsequent restrictions derived from the COVID-19 pandemic, this project was born. A plan B created by Sergio Mendoza derived from his concern that El Observatorio and El Astronomo would have to close due to the crisis that the hospitality industry is suffering. Something that would be a great pity since they are two unique and significant gastronomic spaces, both for their respective districts and for the city of Valencia. It is difficult to find a free table in both restaurants.

El Almacén de Patraix is a store with unique products, carefully selected. Many of them are only here for sale. Away from the boom of neighborhood stores that are committed to selling in bulk, ecological, zero waste… Sergio Mendoza opts for products that are very difficult to find, so much so that it costs more to access them than if they were illegal.

El Almacén de Patraix
El Almacén de Patraix
El Almacén de Patraix

That touch of black market give this place a unique aura, as if you had just put the ration card in your pocket and came here to buy the EVOO revered by all. A little or, perhaps, a lot will have influenced the fact that it was born in the midst of a pandemic and we still remember those days when there was not even toilet paper in the supermarket.

A call for the legal smuggling of products from small local producers. This store supports the local industry and its main goal is to bring quality products closer to the consumer. It explains where products come from and how they are made, so that those who come to this Patraix warehouse know the value of what they are buying.

Pickles, sausages, decoration, underground and black market soaps or cremaet… all this and much more at Patraix and its Warehouse.