Almacén de Patraix, a “black market” grocer’s shop.

This project was born in the midst of the Covid-19 lockdown and its posterior restrictive measures. The need for a Plan B as Sergio Mendoza was worried that he would have to shut down El Observatorio and El Astrónomo restaurants because of the hospitality sector crisis. It would be very sad for the neighborhood and the city, as they are two unique and cherished gastronomic places. Finding a free table there is usually very hard.

Almacén de Patraix is a grocer ‘s shop with unique carefull-selected products. Many of these products can only be found here. Away from the boom of neighborhood shops focusing on zero waste and organic products… Sergio Mendoza opts for products that are hard to find, so much that it is as hard to encounter these products as if they were illegals.

El Almacén de Patraix
El Almacén de Patraix
El Almacén de Patraix

This “black market” spirit gives this place a unique essence, as if we were hiding our ration card to buy the much loved Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Maybe the toilet paper shortage has had an influence.

This legal black market of small local products relies on regional industry and the desire to make quality products more accessible. You will find explanations about the elaboration and origin of each product so that you know the value of what you are buying.

Pickles, cold meats, hams, cremaet…and much more at Almacén de Patraix.