“Espai Gustavino” store is located in the entrance hall of the College of Architects of Valencia. You can buy specialized magazines, special publications and a selection of architecture articles, interior design and international design.

This store was created as a tribute to the Valencian architect Rafael Gustavino, based in New York and a key figure in the architecture of Valencia.

With this space, the CTAV (Territorial College of Architects of Valencia) aims to bring architectural culture closer to citizens, also giving the opportunity to acquire unique objects from the world of architecture. In addition, so that Valencian architects can exhibit their products, the CTAV holds each year the “Self-produced Design” contest. It is a unique point in the city for the dissemination of technical publications on architecture.

“Espai Gustavino” was opened at the same time as the remodeling process of the CTAV headquarters on its 50th anniversary. Project carried out by the Valencian architect Amelia Perera together with Eduardo Landía and Alex Echeverría. In addition, in order to open the store, we had the support of the Jordi Capell Architects Cooperative. A company founded by architects from the College of Catalonia and the Balearic Islands with more than 30 years of experience.