Gabinete de Dibujos

What started as a few houses above the street being a single cubic meter gallery occupying a small window, has now become an exhibition space of more than 300 square meters where the old Russafa bus station was located.

Consuelo Vento Martí, a doctor of Fine Arts, began in 2009 to put together a fictitious collection with the work of different cartoonists, simply with the aim of sharing her enjoyment with more people. This is how this unique laboratory for the experimentation of drawing was born. A personal project in which she freely selects all kinds of drawings by some of the most interesting artists in the area.

Expanding from a single cubic meter gallery to what it is now, it has been transformed into a more neutral space, better adapted to the exhibition canons. This place specialized in illustration is dedicated to exhibiting the work of professionals and amateurs through a changing and varied space always open to receiving new proposals and interventions.

Dedicated entirely to contemporary drawing, the Gabinete de Dibujos offers an empty space available to illustrators with many possibilities for them to occupy it with personality traits. The drawing appears in all its artistic variants in this unique place marked by design in which each collection embodies the artist’s discourse.