One of the main points of contemporary reflection in the country. The IVAM, born from the spirit of renewal in 1986 as the Valencian Institute of Modern Art, acts as a beacon of modern art throughout Valencian territory. From its walls, on the outskirts of the El Carmen neighbourhood to which it is attached, it disseminates innovative thinking.

After many ups and downs, the IVAM is now a reference point for the society of its time as one of those jewels a territory possesses. Instead of being merely a container, it acts as a loudspeaker for ideas. Its permanent collection (from Richard Hamilton to Carmen Calvo, from Yves Klein to Julio González, from Equipo Crónica to Pinazo) is overwhelming. Yet it is worth paying heed to its ongoing agenda, keen to take the pulse of a city eager to pulsate.

The proof that art, beyond simply being an end, is a unique vehicle for reflecting – among other things – on belonging to our surroundings.