Komori is located in a unique place in the city, the exclusive Westin Valencia hotel located in the modernist building of La Lanera – the old ‘Marín’ wool factory – from the early 20th century.

In accordance with the elegance that characterizes the Hotel, the architect Maurice Sanz, from the MS Desing studio, was in charge of the interior design project for the restaurant in Valencia of the Madrid-based Grupo Kabuki. This restaurant, which opened its doors in 2012 and soon ended up positioning itself as one of the best and most exclusive Japanese in the city, takes the name of bat in Japanese. A clear nod to the city’s coat of arms and which, obviously, also evokes the Japanese country.

In addition to its dishes, the Komori experience is made pleasant by its interior design and by that exuberant garden located on the terrace of the hotel’s patio.