A trip to the Middle East without having to leave Valencia awaits us at this authentic venue in the Carmen district.

Ronen and Ayelet are in charge of bringing the best of Tel Aviv cuisine to one of those hidden alleys in the Carmen neighborhood. They moved from their native Israel to Valencia to offer something new in the city: their traditional gastronomy.

Thanks to their excellent proposal based on traditional dishes, simple ingredients and an excellent quality product, over the years they have managed to gain a foothold in the palates of both tourists and locals and this 2021 they achieved their first Solete with the help of the Repsol Guide. In your menu, options such as falafel, hummus, .shaksuka or labaneh.

As for the interior design of the premises, the same patterns are followed as in the kitchen, a commitment to simple design, betting on modern and vintage touches, where the varied wooden furniture and oriental rugs transport the diner to a little piece of the Middle East, but with tints also from the Mediterranean and from the city of Túria itself. “We are inspired by our memories and those of our family and the design reflects all those experiences,” they indicate from Kukla.

Además, una tranquila terraza donde disfrutar del buen tiempo y admirar los pequeños detalles decorativos de la fachada como sus puertas y ventanas en tono verde.