The temple of mochis in Valencia exists and is located at number 4 Martí Humà street in the heart of the Extramurs district. An authentic Eden for lovers of this dessert of Japanese cuisine.

At Mochisan we find Andrea Valls, an enterprising woman who during confinement -and the uncertainty that this entailed- decided to turn her professional career 180º and ventured into the Valencian company with this project with great Asian overtones.

«I thought about what I could offer that was related to both my concerns and my professional training and, also, something different. The mochi seemed to me the product that brought it all together, so I started working on perfecting both the recipes and the technique,” says its founder.

The result? 10 different versions of the famous mochis and quality coffee to go along with it. Both its gastronomic proposal and its decoration translate into a piece of Japan without the need to leave Valencia.

Interior del local Mochisan