Obrador de pa.

Upon entering Mòlt, you are greeted by a large window and a long bread counter. Mòlt is a place to be seen and smelt. The interior design is done in greys and whites, interrupted only by use of fluorescent letters to name the different types of bread and their prices. Naturally these are the true stars of the show: dozens of bread loaves, each with their own name.

The bakery is in the rear, in full view of everyone entering. Everything is made by hand, using slow fermentation and home-grown sourdough.


Migue Martí y Javier Tortosa de Democràcia Estudio son los responsables de la identidad. Una identidad disruptiva en el mundo de los obradores. Como dice Tortosa, “buscamos una imagen que sea capaz de transmitir actitud y personalidad. Hacer pan es fácil, pero hacerlo diferente y ponerle un sello diferencial es una tarea más compleja. Representar todo esto en una marca, es Mòlt”.