Obrador de pa.

Upon entering Mòlt you are greeted by a large window and a long bread counter. Mòlt enters through smell and sight. A place in which gray and white tones take over the interior design, only broken by the fluorescent letters that name the different types of bread and their prices. And, of course, the real stars: dozens of breads with their own names.

The workshop is at the back, in view of everyone. There, everything is made by hand, with slow fermentation and sourdough from their own cultivation.


Migue Martí and Javier Tortosa from Democràcia Estudio are responsible for the visual identity. A disruptive identity in the world of bakeries. As Tortosa says, “we are looking for an image that is capable of transmitting attitude and personality. Making bread is easy, but making it different and putting a differential stamp on it is a more complex task. Representing all this in a brand is Mòlt”.