Novedades Casino is more than a shop, it is a gallery, a museum…a space in which the memory of local design is brought together. Those graphics that marked a time and that deserve to be remembered and admired.

Pablo Casino commands this corner where all pieces are unique and each one has a thread to stretch and discover a story. Photos, posters, books, paintings, postcards, prints… a cabinet full of traditional documents that want to arouse surprise and make us reflect on who we are. Calling thus, both the enjoyment and the criticism of the visitors. A trench for lovers of urban and editorial content that claims collective memory.

After spending four years in Carmen, Novedades Casino has now moved to the La Petxina neighbourhood. From a small shop on Calle Bolsería, to a space with a patio, warehouse, natural light and many meters of walls to make lovers of the Valencian urban imaginary enjoy even more. As Pablo comments, “in this new space I want people to come to see and do, because Novedades Casino is not only about buying and selling. At this moment I am the most curious to know what form the new Novedades will end up taking”.