A gastronomic corner in the Eixample to celebrate, share and enjoy local traditions and products.

Oscar Casasnovas and María Jose Gil, together with the collaboration of Arturo Salvetti, are behind this project, both with a long gastronomic tradition behind them. Ultramarinos Huerta invites you to share a table and conversation, a place where you can turn the everyday into a special occasion, and this is how La Galería Estudio has captured it in its interior design.

In the design work of the space, both the floor and the original tiles have been maintained, with the intention that the premises maintain that traditional point of what was one of the colmados with the most personality in Valencia. The backlit panel at the back of the room has a strong presence due to its large dimensions. Also designed by La Galería Estudio, this one shows an illustration of the Eixample inspired by the neighbourhood, its character and rhythm.

Huerta Ultramarinos_1
Huerta Ultramarinos_4
Huerta Ultramarinos_2

Viccarbe furniture reinforces this marriage between modernity and tradition that is lived in Ultramarinos Huerta.