Ana Illueca went from developing her creativity in the world of communication, where everything happens very quickly, to doing it through ceramics, where pause is necessary in most of her processes. She thus turned a hobby into her trade, a potter.

Her workshop is a creative space in which she reinterprets traditional Valencian ceramics, adapting it to the new times, making it more contemporary. For Ana, it is important to value and give greater visibility to the crafts of our land, something that perhaps we had normalized, but there are many masters who opened this window to the world and who became references in design.

Among her pieces distributed throughout the workshop as a sampler, we find just that, craftsmanship and design. Ana applies the knowledge and experience of her previous profession to ceramics. Behind each element there is a story to tell, a moment to enjoy. The objective is not the acquisition of a piece, it is to acquire the concept.

Her operating table is the lathe, that’s where the magic happens. Her thoughts take shape, each one different, and become decorative and utilitarian ceramic elements. Ana’s personality is reflected in them, all with a Mediterranean air referring to her roots. As she says, ceramics teaches you to keep the best, and the best thing, according to her, is to have few objects but that they have a lot of presence.