One of the most powerful and luminous examples of how to reclaim our heritage, left abandoned for decades between La Saïdia and Campanar. The old workshop of Carlos Gens was converted into a hydraulic bomb factory. An industrial project with a sense of place since its inception. Gens and his associate, Rafael Dalli, hired the visionary architect Cayetano Borso di Carminati who established the parameters of how to build an industrial plant within a city, taking into account functionality and esthetics.

The industrial decline led to the death of the building. A slow agony that ended in 2014 when part of the building caught on fire. The Per Amor Foundation decided to buy the building and renovate it into a museum and headquarters of the foundation, as well as a restaurant by Ricard Camarena.

The recovery effort was led by Ramón Esteve studio (with Eduardo de Miguel as the renovation architect and Annabelle Selldorf as the museum architect), highlight the historical essence of the complex. A first-class centre of arts to reinterpret our past.

Bombas Gens