Lovers of handmade ceramics will find in Cuit a space in which to recreate themselves.

Celia Collado and Patricia Soriano started this adventure to make ceramics available to the general public. A 200 m2 local open to everyone that houses a workshop and shop.

In Cuit you can go and take a ceramic course – for all levels – or a weekend workshop in which, for example, attendees can create their own tableware. It is a meeting place where creativity can emerge, re-encounter with handmade work or enjoy and relax working with clay for the first time.

Celia and Patricia have seen how ceramics have made a come back in recent years. They defend this “boom” as something that can become a Valencian brand and not just another trend. They studied at the Manises School of Ceramics, one of the leading institutions in ceramics on a national and international scale. Cuit is a space that defends this legacy with a spirit of renewal, with the motivation and conviction that ceramics stand together with design and other creative disciplines.

A great reference for the founders of Cuit is Juan Carlos Iñesta, a ceramic producer from Manises, master craftsman, ceramic researcher and creator of the Domanises studio. Thanks to his great work, contemporary ceramics have been made visible. He has linked the name of designers to ceramics by opening the studio for them, renewing their interest in this discipline. Domanises has become the key for the expansion of ceramic innovation.

In short, Cuit is a place to enjoy crafts with a contemporary essence, a space where we can bring ceramics to everyone.

Cuit Espai Ceràmic
Cuit Espai Ceràmic