The firm, founded in 1953, is an icon of style, an emblem of Valencian creativity. Lladró is an amazing success story, but it is also the story of a Valencian family with an artistic vision that decided to bring more exclusivity to interior spaces through its decorative porcelain elements.

The pieces, made entirely by hand in Valencia, where the only company’s factory is located, are unique. High quality pieces where white and curved lines are usually the main protagonists. 

Over time, the porcelain pieces have acquired a more contemporary style, such as the latest collection by designer Jaime Hayón, who, with an emphasis on craftsmanship, wanted to break the classic mold and seek new aesthetic paths.

A world leader in design, manufacture and distribution, Lladró stands out especially for his creativity and technical skills with his porcelain creations: from contemporary sculpture collections to home fragrances, lighting and jewelry.

Lladró Boutique in Valencia is a unique space where you can experience the magic of an exclusive brand. You can find a wide range of creations with a great variety of colors and styles. Pieces that tell daily stories through luxury and porcelain.