Ostras Pedrín is conceived as a traditional bar. A gastronomic space in which to enjoy a varied selection of oysters, salted fish or gourmet preserves and combine it with a careful selection of wines and cavas.

Salva Torres and Dani (Puchol) made a dream come true that Salva has been dreaming of for 15 years due to her passion for oysters. Thus, in the middle of the central alleys of Valencia, they opened Ostras Pedrín, an onomatopoeia that fills the heart of the city even more with life.Ostras Pedrín has a bar atmosphere, a clear intention to remove that elitist air so associated with oysters. Product that shares a menu or tile, because the menu is listed on the wall tiles, with other delicacies from the sea such as sea urchins or smoked anchovies.

Not only because of what you eat, this place has such a characteristic atmosphere. The interior design and decoration of the space also play a leading role.

The essence of the premises has been respected, taking advantage of the original elements: concrete beams coexist with the gleaming white tile, the metallic carpentry of the door or the green light of the bathroom. A modern and minimalist decoration with which a lifelong space is recreated in which the jewel is the environment.

All these elements make Ostras Pedrín the perfect fishing ground for an evening of wine, seafood and friends.